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The school of the pup and Natural Method

The ethology is the science which studies the behavior, it is interested in the unit of the elements which will make adopt with an animal a behavior which can be food, social, territorial, of displacement, reproduction or communication. The dog results from the wolf, its domestication started approximately 100000 years ago, however its behavioral repertory hardly changed and by knowing the wild dog perfectly (the wolf) one knows the domestic wolf better (the dog).

When I started to make communications on the behavior, there is about thirty years, the ethology was unknown in France (in any case in the field of canidés) and my articles were entitled “Psychology of the dog” not to shock the readers (the life Canine - the German Shepherd). At present it is a true fashion, with titles more and more whirring of étho-psycho-cognitivo-behaviorists… the question which remains posed, (in spite of a knowledge very packed in theory), is it is which their experiment on the ground?

After having seen ravelling as a President, Monitor, Man of attack, Judge International, Utilisateur, driver in Championships, Formateur: dogs of track and detection, teachers of dog-guides of blind man or dogs for handicapped people, of the schools of pups, the dog-visitors, the behaviorists, etc of the hundreds of dogs of all sizes and all ages, I always wonder about the little of knowledge which I have and on all that remains me to be acquired…

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