The origin of the Natural Method Joseph ORTEGA

I perfected this gentle method of training at the end of the 1970s. People often ask me how someone can "invent" a technique of learning which flies in the face of all the traditional methods of negative conditioning which have existed since the 1900s, when dogs strated to become an impportant element in Western society.

The answer is simple. For a long time I observed wolves living in the wild (what I call, whether some like it or not, field ethology). This is a step which is not common practice in the study of canine behaviour, as it is obviously more comfortable to read up in the warm at home what other people have written on the subject.

Starting from the principle of the Watson school,that man is "constructed", which can equally be applied to dogs I opened my eyes and noticed how training is carried out by individuals among the wolves.

The Recall

The mother returns from hunting. She gives a signal; the wolf cubs come out of the den and rush towards her. When they reach their mother they get the regurgitated food. For the puppy, this corresponds to the call of the owner, associated with a treat, dinner, or a game. As soon as the puppy comes, he is rewarded.

The Sit

The wolf cubs turn, beg and lick their mother's lips. She raises her head. The wolf cubs sit!

The Down

The mother goes to lie down; the wolf cubs follow her muzzle as if they were glued to it. They lie down!

The Stand

The mother wolf prepares to get up. The wolf cubs follows the movement and gets to its feet!

For the puppy:

Sit corresponds to raising the hand holding the titbit. Nine times out of ten he follows the movement and sits.

The Down is achieved by lowering the hand holding the treat.

The Stand, by moving the hand forward and immediately blocking.

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